Changing settings in Nordic Backup One

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Customization of Nordic Backup One

By clicking on the different icons in the bottom right corner you can change the settings for Nordic Backup One.
Select options in Nordic Backup One
User Profile   Click to adjust user profile settings

Here you can see the user information stored by Nordic Backup One.

You can change the data backup limits through Nordic Backup’s Website.
User profile settings


Backup selections   Change backup selections

Select the files and folders you want to backup.

Click "Advanced" for more options or "Save" to save the changes.
Change backup selections
Backup selections "Advanced"

Use Explorer to select the files and folders to be backed up.

The gray box next to "Local Disk (C:) shows the selected folders / files on the C drive (C:)

By pressing the two icons at the top right corner you can change the "Network Resource Login" or "Backup Filter.”

Click "OK" to save the changes.
Change backup selections


Backup filter   Adjust the backup filter

Here you can create filters that chose additional files for backup based on the file type. You can, for example create a filter that includes all .DOC files in the entire C drive.

Please note that the backup filter can include file types, but cannot EXCLUDE in Nordic Backup ONE. If you need to use the filters to exclude certain file types, we recommend switching to Nordic Backup PRO. Contact Nordic Backup support for assistance.

After you create your filters, you can check and see the effect of these under "Backup selections" where those files will be forced selected.

Click "OK" to save the changes.
Adjust the backup filter
Backup schedule   Change the backup schedule

Select how often the Nordic Backup One should automatically start the backup.

System default begins Nordic Backup One backup every day at 9pm (21:00 hours).

Your computer must be turned on and connected to the Internet. It should not go into standby or sleep/hibernation modes while the backup is running.

If your computer is not turned on or connected to the Internet at the scheduled time, you will receive a "Scheduled Backup Error" e-mail reminder from Nordic Backup.

In the "Stop" section, you can enter whether the backup should stop after a certain number of hours. Should the backup, for instance, start at 9pm (21:00 hours) and set to stop after 12 hours backing up as much data as possible, it will stop at 9am (09:00 hours).

Click "Save" to save the changes.
Change the backup schedule


Backup Setting   Change backup settings

Continuous Data Protection
Here you can enable the CDP option of Nordic Backup One. This option allows the backup to run nearly constantly, whenever a file that is selected for backup is changed. Scheduled backups are then not needed, but we suggest that the first backup be manually executed via the main screen by clicking the "Backup" button.

Here you can see the encryption key of the backup set used for backup and restore.

Note that your files cannot be restored without the encryption key. It is important that you save this key in a secure place in case you lose your computer.

Temporary folder for backup files
Select where you want to locate the folder for temporary files. We recommend that you select the drive that has the most free disk space.

Recycle Bin
Use this feature to configure how long the changed and deleted files are to be stored at Nordic Backup.

We recommend you set retention to 30 days minimum.

Advanced Settings
"Volume Shadow Copy" is used for backup of open files (files in use by programs while the backup is running; for example, Outlook) on Windows XP.

"System logout backup reminder" is to prompt you at logoff to run a backup manually. When you activate this, you will be asked if you want to backup when you shut down your computer.
Change advanced settings
Backup and Restore Logs   Click to view backup and restore logs

Here you can view the local logs for each backup or restore run on the computer. You will also receive a log via email everytime a job is completed or missed.
Click to view backup and restore logs
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You have now completed the changing of settings in Nordic Backup One.
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